Roasting machine



For us, roasting coffee is an art, and it requires careful attention. Every time we receive a new lot of coffee, there’s something new to say; it’s about the dialogue between roaster and coffee, not just one or the other. Conversation among us is key, too -- in our team, we taste, discuss, refine, and improve how we roast, always wanting to best express each coffee’s unique statement.

All our coffee is sourced from small cooperatives around the world, and we want to ensure that the farmers are effectively rewarded for their efforts. We also want to respect their hard work by crafting the finest roasts possible, extending that dialogue to include coffee drinker, roaster, and grower.


When Joe started roasting in 1994, he used paper logs to track the ebb and flux of the roasting profiles, noting the various times and temperatures of landmark events during the course of a roast. Now, with four people operating the roasters, we still rock those paper logs -- the key to consistency across machines and the people operating them is communication.

We control each roast by hand, eye, and nose. Our roasting machines are lovingly maintained 12 kilo drum roasters, each designed and built by Diedrich Manufacturing in Sandpoint, ID. Constant care and attention keeps them reliable. We follow rigorous protocol, including set batch sizes for all roasts that guarantees the results we seek.

The most important aspect in the roasting process is the knowledge of the people operating the machines. Equal parts analytical and sensory, our roasting style incorporates close attention to the colors, crackles, and scents of the roasting beans. It takes many hours of learning and experience of running a roaster to put all the sensors, gauges, and levers to proper use. Third Coast is known for the quality and consistency of its coffee.


Our favorite style is a medium roast that builds layers of flavor while letting the natural qualities of the beans speak for themselves. Each coffee stands out as an individual, yet there is an undeniable family resemblance that lets you know when you’re enjoying a Third Coast coffee. The herbal and peppery Yirgacheffe; the outstandingly well-balanced and caramelly Colombia Fondo Paez; the cognac, raisins, and fudge of the Coyona Natural -- our offerings resonate with a shared style.

We also offer a selection of darkly roasted coffees. One of our most popular is Double French, a deeply roasted coffee that lingers in the roaster at high temperatures, finishing with a smoky crackle that alludes to its intense dark profile. In the same way, our Italian Roast and our various regional French Roasts give a dark roast lover the fully developed body and minimized acidity they seek.