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Taste: Sweet, caramel

Roast: Medium

Body: Thick and syrupy

Acidity: Medium and pleasant


Cooperative: Bolvaen Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative (CPC)

CPC was created in 2007 to gain better market access for small scale producers who previously had been very dependent on local traders and low prices. Supported initially by the French Agency for Development, CPC has expanded its fair trade partners to now include our import collective, Cooperative Coffees. 

The Fair Trade Premium has funded a clinic in the Bolaven Plateau and housing for doctors. They are also building an eco-tourism program where guests may stay in a charming lodge in this beautiful region of southern Laos, meet the farmers, and directly participate in the coffee farming culture. 

Use the lot number on the bag to trace your beans from farmer to roaster. Look for the lot number in "  Contract" on the upper right hand corner of the page at Fair Trade Proof.